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We wanted a better approach to LTCi.
So we built one.

We’re Fuzion.

We’re here to make long term care insurance make sense for insurers and their policyholders.
To improve its financial performance. To unlock its potential.

Innovative Solutions

We help to more effectively manage blocks of insurance through innovative, evidence-based solutions, expertly delivered.

Better Claims Management

We bring new approaches to effectively engage policyholders, to better manage and even reduce the incidence and severity of claims.

Risk Transfer

We shift the underwriting risk to third parties.

Just the Start

We began our business to make blocks of long-term care insurance viable, when others had written them off. That’s still where we start with innovative financing, technology and service solutions to improve the financial performance of blocks of insurance.

But we also know that the real answer to sustained viability for seniors’ insurance is to change the model of senior insurance coverage to one that is focused on communication, engagement and prevention, to ensure that our clients and their policyholders thrive. That’s what’s driving our future. And it’s something you’ll want to be a part of.

Connect With Us

Send us a note below and learn more about how to unlock the potential of LTC Insurance.